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Welcome Science Fiction Lovers!

If you enjoy science fiction involving space battles, high-tech weaponry, and star-spanning empires then you've come to the right place.  The science part is based on an extrapolation of what we know today.  If you like fantasy but are tired of stories that take place in a medieval setting then check out the Dragonverse series.  It's modern fantasy with a science-fiction twist.

I enjoy receiving feedback.  If you like a story, tell me about it.  If you see where I have room for improvement - I want to hear that too.  Nobody is perfect and if anyone thinks they are, then they're not telling the truth.

All of my books are available from all major retailers in both printed and e-book format.

I am a strong advocate of self-publishing and my blog posts tend to focus on that topic. If you are interested in self-publishing, I have produced a free document which should help get you started. It's available here.

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The Galactic Alliance Series

Translight begins in the not so distant future and ends a few decades later. It tells the story of how humanity discovered the stardrive and nearly got itself wiped out because of it.

Chroniech picks up the action a few decades later after humanity has learned how to cooperate with the other species in the galaxy. A discovery in deep space sends the heavy cruiser Komodo Dragon off on a mission that will forever change the Alliance.

Honor Thy Enemy takes place in the aftermath of the Chroniech war. The Alliance thought the Chroniech problem had been resolved -- they had other plans. Using their advanced knowledge of transdimensional physics, the Chroniech return with a vengeance.

Peacekeeper is a story of Tom Wilks as he undergoes the transformation from man to cyborg to become a Peacekeeper. His close friendship with an alien takes an interesting twist that changes his life forever. This book ties together a lot of the loose ends that were generated in Translight while utilizing several important characters from Chroniech.

Peacekeeper 2 continues the story of Tom and Lashpa as they strive to form a deep relationship in the ancient tradition of gragrakch. The crew of a Chroniech warship left behind after the war discovers a weapon of immense power hidden in the planetoid on which they've built a base. The discovery threatens the lives of billions of Alliance citizens. To read an excerpt from the novel click here.

Galactic Alliance Technical Reference Manual - The Story Behind the Story is a FREE publication that documents the science of the Galactic Alliance and also my story as to how the series was written. I periodically go through it and make changes to ensure it is up-to-date. I've also included every drawing I did back in the 70's when I fancied myself as a science fiction artist. It's fun reading. To obtain your copy click here.

Off Course

Current cover

Old cover

Off Course is what many might consider as a typical science fiction novel.  It is unique for myself in that there are no space battles anywhere in the story.  It is an adventure novel about a frieghter captain who finds himself a long way from home and is forced to rely upon the good graces of an alien race to help him repair his ship so his crew can get back to Earth.  The twist is that the captain is arachnophobic and the aliens just happen to resemble large spiders.  The story was inspired by a coworker of mine who is very arachnophobic.  He declined to have his name associated with the book so I used the names of my best friend from high school and his wife.  They thought having their names in a story was a wonderful idea.  I had fun writing it.

There is a story behind the cover as well.  I had asked my sister to create a possible cover.  I also asked Heather Zak to build one as well.  My sister worked with me to create the alien as I saw them in my mind's eye.  Heather built several possible covers which, at first, were my favorites.  My sister's looked too much like a children's book cover because of all the light colors.  Although Heather's were more sci-fi'ish, I really wanted to have the aliens she drew on the cover.  I tried but failed to merge Heather's work with my sisters.  In the end, I used Photoshop to alter my sister's picture as well as to darken the colors.  The end result is what you see on the covery today.  My thanks go out to Heather for her work.

Speaking of the Zak's - their son Erik is a veritable genious as creating computer-generated art.  I plan on having him do my next book cover.


Dragonverse is my solution to the repetitious series of fantasy books involving dragons that always seem to take place in a medieval setting.  If you love dragons then this story will make you believe in their existence.

Dragonverse: The Adventure Begins starts the series off by showing how Terry Cashington learned to believe in dragons and how it changed his life forever.

Dragonverse 2: Ishnef's Revenge continues the story.

I have been asked by many if there will be a third or more in the series.  I hope so!  Keep checking back.  If you want, you can send me an email and I will send out a notice when the next book in the series is available.

When Ships Mutiny

The idea for this book has been in my head for a long time and I finally decided to write it.  I know there are a few other books out there that deal with ships being controlled by disembodied brains but this one is a bit different.  The cover was done by the son of my best friend whom I've known since high school.  Erik Zak has a lot of talent and I hope to utilize him for other covers.

This is an anthology of stories from the 2012 Launch Pad adventure. It is due to be released on 09-14-13 as an e-book then followed about  a month later by the print version. I have a short story in the anthology and Jody Lynn Nye Tuckerized me as well as the other Launch Pad attendees in another short story. If you are a writer, editor, movie producer, or anyone else involved in producing science fiction for the media then you might be interested in attending Launch Pad. For further information you can read about it by clicking here. The website is still fairly primitive because Professor Brotherton does not have the time to maintain it. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

Cool Stuff

I use an Excel spreadsheet to generate some of the numbers I use in my books.  If you're interested in writing science fiction you might find this spreadsheet useful.  I keep it updated so check back to see if I've uploaded a new version.  The current version was uploaded on:

07-20-2014   Equations.xls

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ratings: 90 (avg rating 3.67)

Honor Thy Enemy Honor Thy Enemy (Galactic Alliance, #3)
reviews: 2
ratings: 86 (avg rating 3.67)

Translight! Translight! (Galactic Alliance, #1)
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ratings: 129 (avg rating 3.71)

Dragonverse: The Adventure Begins Dragonverse: The Adventure Begins (Dragonverse, #1)
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ratings: 16 (avg rating 3.56)

Peacekeeper Peacekeeper (Galactic Alliance, #4)
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ratings: 12 (avg rating 3.92)